theVOIZapp TSB (Talent and Small Business) Contest.

If you are a talented singer, artists, On air personality, creator, fashion designer or whatever talent you have; If you have a small business you have started or would like to start a small business and need some initial push; JOIN OUR COMMUNITY NOW AND GIVE YOURSELF A PUSH WITH OUR TALENT & SMALL BUSINESS CONTEST

Once you have joined our community, you are eligible to participate in the one month long TSB contest organized by theVOIZapp and our group of top influencers.

TSB contests are organized 4 times in a year. Every TSB contest lasts a duration of ONE MONTH. The next TSB contest start date is November 26, 2018. See important contest dates

One winner is selected at the end of every one month long TSB contest. Winner receives:

  • 1000$ prize money in support to the winning business or talent
  • Sponsorship for Video production from industry experts. Video will be created to showcase and promote the winning talent or business
  • Free promotion of video on social media pages of our influential ambassadors to boost awareness for winning talent or business.

What happens to other TSB contest participants after winner is selected?

Everyone in our community is a winner but only one winner can be selected in the monthly TSB contest. We are here to make sure great talent and potential small businesses are seen. Participants who do not win the grand TSB monthly prize still get

  • To re-enter for other 3 TSB contests left for the year
  • Social media shout outs for talents/small businesses with potential (weekly)
  • Purchases of product or service from talent/small businesses with potential (weekly)

To participate and be eligible to win in the monthly TSB contest, the steps below must be fulfilled

Step 1: Join theVOIZapp community

  • Click HERE to see how to join.

Step 1: Join theVOIZapp community

  • Click HERE for TSB contest weekly participation criteria
  • Click HERE for TSB contest winner selection criteria


a). Download theVOIZapp from IOS and Google Play Stores.

  • Click here for IOS store download
  • Click here for Google Play store download

b). Create a profile and channel for yourself, talent or small business

  • Learn more on how to create a profile and a channel on theVOIZapp here

To be eligible to participate in the TSB monthly contest and unlock all the benefits of being a part of theVOIZapp community, you must complete steps “c” and “d” below

c). Pay a 20$ registration fee here.

  • Registration fee gives you access to contests and benefits for a period of one year

d). After completing steps a, b & c

  • Click here to send us your details

e). Our team will contact you after 48hours of receiving your details with follow up information


  • Post an introductory audio, photo, video or a combination about your talent or your small business. Tell us what you are all about.
  • A minimum of 4 posts a week of either audio, photo, video or a combination about your talent, work, business, product or service is required. This posts must be made in your channel on theVOIZapp for our judges to access talent / business potential. Note that the more you post about your business/talent, the better judges learn more about it.


a). In addition to

  • (i) posting an introduction of your talent or business and
  • (ii) A minimum of 4 posts a week in your talent/business channel

b). Starting from the 4th week, that is the final week of the one month long TSB contest, participants are required to

  • (iii) Post a 120 seconds (2mins) video of themselves telling us what makes you different and why you should be picked.