Our Communities

On theVOIZapp, our goal is for you to have a refreshing FILL (have Fun, Interact, Learn and Liberate). We love everyone but we are particularly passionate about building a real community aroundvoice artists, podcasters, talents (dancing, acting, comedy, all kind of talented individuals) and small businesses. We are also passionate about voice as a medium to socialize over text.

Our emotions and ability to socialize is what makes us human. Understanding a person’s emotions without hearing the tone of their voice can prove difficult and without a voice, what does the word socialize mean?
With an exclusive combination of Audio with photos and videos… and with the support of our growing community, we are building a safe place to socialize and interact with real people online.

Our approach to building a community does not stop at creating an enabling platform to support this. We are also actively involved in our community building through fun, educative and interactive support programs that are tailored to help all community members grow and create meaningful awareness for themselves. Our programs include

  • Once you have joined our community, you are eligible to participate in the one month long TSB contest organized by theVOIZapp and our group of top influencers.Learn More

  • Are you talented and interested in becoming an audio influencer and creating a potential source of income for yourself through brand endorsements. We are always seeking talents globally who are aspiring and upcoming voice/audio, talents to work together with our team. Learn more

  • “We bring to you one of a kind and exclusive video clips of”Learn More