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* A voice social media platform created to promote a better world while adding a personal and emotional element to interaction
* Your voice is the most natural means of connecting, communicating and socializing
* theVOIZapp will present you, your voice and your emotions in a unique way to the world
* Effective communication is not just about exchanging information. It is about understanding the emotions and intentions behind the information

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User Delight

Users find Voiz to be the best possible way to interact with friends and family.
Click and upload photos and add a short decription to make it complete.

Artists Ultimate

Artists will find this platform extremely pleasing and useful.
You could begin your singing gig here and/or your photography endeavours.
Songs can be accentuated with photos and photos with lovely voice notes.


Business Sense

Small businesses can now begin communicating directly with users and potential users.
Get their feedback and reward users for feedback.

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Android & iOS

We are currently available on both the popular platforms and will add other platforms such as wearables and smartwatches soon.

  • Packed With Amazing Features.
  • Reliable And Secure Platform.
  • Share Amazing Memories.
  • Giving your Voice a Social Experience.
  • Find Friends Easily.

Awesome Features

theVOIZapp is packed with simple yet powerful features that let users not only share their voices easily but effectively too.

  • The Scroll

    Your audience can listen to your VOIZ notes as they trail (follow) you. Giving your voice, its first ever social experience.

  • Private Rooms

    Have private conversations with friends/family and keep it tightly guarded.

  • Public Rooms

    Chat about anything you find interesting and want a more global/open/public debate/discussion about.

  • Picture Your Voice

    Upload a picture and post a VOIZ note to go with it. Now your trailers (followers) can listen to your VOIZ and see it too.

  • Voice Mods

    Disguise your voice with smart voice-modulations (currently in private beta).

  • Community Building

    As a Business/Influencer, build an audience around topics of your interest.

App Screenshots

Screenshots of our app at different usecases

Campus Ambassador Program

Want to be part of the early building team at one of the fast growing social media startups? Here's your chance at becoming #EPIC



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