Rooms/Channels on theVOIZapp
Setting up your own room/channel is pretty straightforward and great for you to create awareness and put out your content to reach theVOIZapp’s fast-growing user community.

Creating a room/channel on theVOIZapp allows you to:
a) Put up your own posts about something you are passionate about, your talent or business

b) Upload audio posts, Photos with audio captions (audio caption for a better description of photos) and video
posts (Unlimited video upload time – no one-minute videos)

c) Take advantage of our algorithms that are programmed specifically to help give your room and content the right
awareness and visibility through consistent engagement and interactions in your room

How to create a room/channel on theVOIZapp
a) Tap on the plus sign on the rooms page or profile page

b) Fill in-room details. This includes

  • Add a Room name
  • Add a Room image
  • Add contributors or users to your room
  • Turn comments only ON or OFF
  • Select up to 2 categories where your room will appear in

Controlling your room settings and interactions:
You have the option to interact with users, interacts with your room and your room.

a) Make your room public or private.
The create room page is set to public by default. A public room means any user from all over the globe can search and explore content in your room. Private chats and rooms features will be more controlled and are currently being worked on and will be released shortly.

b) Turn “comments only” mode ON or OFF.
Comments only is set at OFF by default but can be toggled ON or OFF depending on your preference.

(i) When comments only is OFF, it means any user on theVOIZapp can create a post, contribute and comment in your
room. They need not be added or invited before they can join the conversation.
Turning comments only to OFF option is ideal if you

• Intend to make your public room open and/or you intend to talk about topics where you want a variety of
opinions from other users
• Are not bothered about anyone who visits your room seeing posts created by different users.

The downside of turning comments only to OFF is that posts created in your room might be rowdy, unorganized and not coherent due to different users creating posts.

(ii) When comments only is turned ON, it means that only you (the room owner/creator), can create a post and
contribute in your room. Other users on theVOIZapp can only add voice comments to your posts and they can
only interact with posts you have created.

Also when comments only mode is ON, other users who try to post in your room, will receive a pop-up
notification that tells them they can only swipe to the right on your posts to make a comment.
Turning comments only to ON option is ideal if you
• Intend to use your public room to talk about topics you are passionate about, business, products or
• Want only your own posts/content visible to users who visit your room

The upside of this is that the posts and messages in your room are coherent to your room visitors

(c) Add users and contributors to your room
• Add users: When comments ONLY mode is OFF, you can add friends/users to participate in your room. Of course
anyone can join since comments only mode is OFF
• Add contributors: When comments ONLY mode is ON, you can add friends/other users as contributors in your
room and only those who you add as contributors can create posts.

Editing and updating your room
By accessing your room from your profile page, you can edit room details from the list of your created rooms by tapping on the slanty icon to the left of delete (bin) icon. You can edit the room name, change room image, turn comments ON or OFF and add new or remove existing room contributors.

Adding a room as favorite:
Once your room is created and you or any users accesses your room, there is an orange star icon to the top right of the page. Tapping on the orange star (orange color becomes obvious and animates) confirms that you have made a room a favorite. Users who make your room a favorite can access your room easily from their rooms page and they will also receive notifications when you or any room contributors create posts in your room.

Viewing room details and room members:
By tapping on the room name visible at the top of the page in any room, you can view room details and view room members also.

Sharing your room url with friends:
Using the share button located beside the room image on the room details page, you can generate a sharable url link that can be sent to friends, used on other social platforms or anywhere else. So your friends and audience can easily access your content and share with others also.